Beginner Level Program for your Child

Does your 👦 child ask questions about space? 

Do they have an immense hunger to learn new concepts about space science 🛰️ and astronomy 🔭 in an immersive environment?

Then, look no further - Introducing, the Astronomy for Beginners Program, a 3-Day LIVE Classroom (Online) session with Learning Coach Vinod Kumar for your child.

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March 3rd - 5th, 2021 | 6.00 - 7.00 PM (Dubai Time)

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What your child will learn in these 3 Days?

Day 1 - Learning Outcomes

1. What is astronomy?

2. How old is the science of stars?

3. How important is astronomy to you today?

4. Objects in the night sky

Day 2 - Learning Outcomes

1. Guide to celestial objects 

2. Introduction to Star Gazing

3. Live Simulation of Planets you can see with your naked eyes today

4. Live Simulation Software Tutorial

Day 3 - Learning Outcomes:

1. Introduction to Space Exploration

2. Tools used for Space Exploration

3. Space Organizations around the World

4. Live Simulations Software Tutorial

Introductory Pricing Offer:

Join now at just 300 AED 55 AED for all 3 live classes

3 Days of Exciting Learning & Fun 

STEM Education

Make your child aware of science & technology in daily life using astronomy & space science as a tool of study.

SteadFast Learning

From being consumers of knowledge, your kids will become creators of knowledge

Scientific Acumen

In 3 hours, gauge if your child is interested in science & technology to further enhance their interest in the subject.

Join the elite list of more than 1300+ parents who had enrolled their child in this program

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Join the elite list of more than 1300+ parents who had enrolled their child in this program

This program was designed to introduce your child to the field of space science & astronomy through an engaging and immersive learning experience. It is ideal for kids 8+ years to participate and get inspired about our planet, our universe, and its beauties.

Learning Coach Vinod Kumar, 6 times Coach to Team India for World Robot Olympiad & NASA Certified Coach

About the Tutor

Fondly known as "Learning Coach", Vinod Kumar has more than 12+ years of experience in creating World Class Classroom Experience. Vinod has been a pioneer in advocating STEM Education in schools and through his various Edtech companies, he has worked with more than 900 schools catering more than 7 Lac students in South East Asia.

☑ He had been Chief Coach to Team India for the World Robotics Olympiad for 6 consecutive years.

☑ His programs are a regular at The Hindu Summer Camp in Tamil Nadu for many years now.

☑ He had founded 4 Ed-Tech Companies and have been a mentor to many such companies in the Educational Sector.

Based on his experience working with teachers in more than 8 countries, Coach Vinod designed SteadFast Learning Pedagogy, a 21st-century phenomenon that schools are fastly implementing in their classrooms. This summer camp is also based on the same pedagogy.

Vinod is happily married and lives with his 4 children in Trichy, Tamil Nadu and among his many educational ventures, he actively runs Space Science Learning Club and Smart Ninja Global School now.


Day 1 - 17.02.2021 - Live Class
  • Introduction to Astronomy
Day 2 - Live Class - 18.02.2021
  • Guide to Celestial Objects
Day 3 - Live Class - 19.02.2021
  • Tools of Space Exploration
Special Gifts - Compact Videos
  • Introduction to Astronomy
  • Guide to Celestial Objects
  • Tools of Space Exploration

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